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What are the advantages of the Phantom Suspension System compared with other air suspension systems on the market?

The Phantom Suspension System can be adapted to any coilover system on the market and doesn’t require any major modifications for installation.
There are no complicated manifolds or electric solenoids and you will not have to sacrifice trunk space or remove your spare tire.
Other air suspension systems require rubber air-bags and these bags may tear while you’re driving and ultimately leave you immobilized.
Our system uses high grade aluminum instead of bags which means you’ll never have to worry about being stranded on the road.

What components come with the Phantom Suspension System?

The system consists of 2 to 4 Phantom Suspension aluminum cups, a VIAIR 380C air compressor, a 3 gallon air tank, 1 to 2 paddle valve switches, lines, and fittings.
Our cups are made in the USA from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum to ensure high strength and durability.

Does the Phantom Suspension System fit with any coilovers and on any vehicle?

If there are coilovers made for your vehicle then the Phanton Suspension System will work, but some vehicles may require minor fabrication.

How does the Phantom Suspension System raise and lower my vehicles ride height?

The Phantom Suspension System has aluminum cups that consists of pneumatic pistons that are adapted to the top of your coilovers.
Air is either fed in or drawn out from the cups to raise or lower your vehicles ride height.

How long does it take to lower or raise?

Average lift or lowering takes only 3 seconds.

Am I able to get different ride heights?

You’re in full control of selecting your ride height with a touch of a switch. Adding an e-level air management system will allow you to obtain pre-set ride heights.

How long does it take for the compressor to refill with air?

A 380C VIAIR compressor takes around 5 minutes to fill a 3 gallon air tank to maximum capacity.

Will I be sacrificing trunk space with the compressor?

The compressor will not rob you of any major trunk space which means you’ll still be able to throw in your golf bags!

Can I ride on air while I’m driving?

Please be advised that our air suspension system is intended for off-road use only.
You may drive with air in the cups, but your ride quality may get stiffer because the spring gets compressed as more air is sent into the cups.

Who can install the Phantom Suspension System?

We recommend the installation be performed by a professional mechanic because special tools are required throughout the installation.

How long does it take to install the Phantom Suspension System?

A professional mechanic should be able to complete the installation within a day.

How much does it cost for installation?

Installation costs may vary from shop to shop. Platinum VIP’s installation rate starts at $500.

Will I be sacrificing ride quality with the Phantom Suspension System?

Absolutely not! The Phantom Suspension System was specifically engineered so that it won’t compromise the handling and functionality of a coilover suspension setup.

What is the warranty on the Phantom Suspension System?

A Life-time Construction Warranty is only offered to customers who send us their coilover suspension for assembly.
The compressor is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
(Warranty excludes o-ring and fittings which are a wearable items)

Does the Phantom Suspension System need to be serviced down the line?

The O-rings are wearable and may need to be serviced down the line. Platinum VIP’s servicing rate is $250.

How long will it take for me to receive my Phantom Suspension System?

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery since all orders are custom made.